Plate Carrier Cleaning


Whilst working or training your plate carrier will build up unwanted sweat, grit and  grime. You can clean you carrier as often as you like. Here is the cleaning guide for our ActionTX™ plate carriers.

✅ Remove all the internal plates.
✅ Remove all attachments/accessories and ones that can’t be removed should be completely emptied.
✅ Hand wash.
✅ Spot clean with warm soapy water or with mild laundry detergent and a soft cloth where required.
✅ you may use a soft bristle brush where required.
✅ Submerge in bath or large sink in warm soapy water.
✅ Hand rince in cold water to remove all soap/detergent.
✅ Air dry in well ventilated open space out of direct sun light.

❌ Use harsh chemical cleaners.
❌ Bleach.
❌ Leave in direct sun light.
❌ Clean in a washing machine
❌ Use a clothes dryer
❌ Dry clean.
❌ Wash in hot or boiling water