BattleMask Technical FAQ

 Are Battle Masks rated?

Yes our masks are lab tested and clearly marked with the personal protection they provide.  Battlemasks are ATSM & CE RATED. Our masks are laboratory certified to comply with ASTM F2299 AND EN 14683.2019 (Annex B).Our masks exceed these ratings for bacteria with Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE) test of between 97% and 99% for 2.8 micron size particles. For smoke particle, Particulate Filtration Efficiency (PFE) with an average size between 0.3 - 1 micron our masks were on average 92 percent effective. You may select an N90 or N95 version of our masks. We utilise a filtered valve that does increased breathability and reduces fogging. The valve has a filtration layer to reduce the exhalation of particulate from the wearer. Click here for an explanation on the efficacy of N95 and N99 style filters here

How long can masks last?

The majority of PPE masks are made to support the medical community and as such disposable, other mask were designed to provide effective protection for up to a month. Battlemasks are designed for the long haul. Battlemasks, when used properly and washed regularly may last 6 months or more. SmartAir tested a number of these masks and found that as the masks age they lose their fit, thus despite the excellent protection of the filter the mask itself becomes compromised.  Additionally, as these masks age, the air flow is reduced as particulates are trapped in the filters.  

Disposable masks were designed to collect particulates, these single use masks were never designed to be washed and reused, as the washing damages the filters.

Battlemask challenges the throw away mentality. We’re developing our Battlemasks for long term use providing they are washed regularly with soap and water to remove the majority of dirt, bacteria and viruses. Along with washing we recommend the use of anti-bacterial mist treatments. We do not recommend the use of harsh chemicals like bleach that can damage the fabric and filter.  As a general rule, if the mask becomes too difficult to breathe through or damaged only then will it need to be replaced.  Read the research here.

Can I wash my mask & filter?

The Battlemask is a system designed to be washed and reused. Because it’s a system there is no filter to replace. To ensure your Battlemask provides maximum protection we recommend you wash your mask daily. The embedded filtration system is designed to be washed daily. Over time regular washing will reduce the mask stated effectiveness. We’re currently conducting extensive tests to determine the exact lifespan of the mask before it requires replacing.  Hand washing the masks with a gentle soap and warm water is recommended. Do not tumble dry. Don't use harsh chemicals as they will destroy the mask. 

How important is a tight-fitting mask?

Extremely Important!  Ensuring a secure fit is critical to ensure unfiltered air is abated from infiltrating through gaps between your face and the mask as a result from an improper fit. Battlemask was developed to ensure your safety and provides a series of sizes to ensure your mask fits you as prescribed.

Can masks protect against viruses including Covid19?

Masks are designed to reduce the spread of the virus by those who have it or are unaware they are infected. Masks can reduce the amount of small particulate you are exposed to. No mask is 100% effective. The science suggests that wearing a mask helps to reduce the transmission of infection.

How can I stop my glasses fogging.

There are many ways to stop glasses fogging. Here is an excellent article describing many ways to achieve a great outcome. How to reduce a great video.